Herbs-Fed Suckling Piglet Fillet

Ingredients for four servings: 4 pieces rosemary sprigs (about 15 cm long), 600 g Herbs-Fed Suckling Piglet Fillet, 1 zucchini, ½ l beef stock, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, oregano,
4 tablespoons olive oil (preferably Greek), salt, pepper

Preparation: Free the fillet of fat and tendons, cut it into small medallions and stuck the sliced zucchini on a sprig of rosemary. Slowly roast the skewer on both sides in butter and serve it together with the herbal brew.

For the herbal brew boil the soup together with herbs and leave to draw for half an hour. Then strain it. Mix in olive oil until the brew reached the desired consistency. Pluck small herbs and give it into the soup together with fresh vegetables.

Products used: Herbs-Fed Suckling Piglet Back