Ham Skewers

Ingredients: Grilly Herbs-Fed Suckling Piglets Ham Boneless, 1/4 l defatted beef bouillon (mild flavored), 200 g “Kaspressknöderl”, “Waldviertler” cheese, “Pinzgauer” beer cheese, mountain cheese, chopped parsley, clarified butter

Preparation: 1/4 l defatted beef bouillon, 200 g “Kaspressknöderl”: Mix bread dumpling mixture with brunneoise (1/3 “Waldviertler” cheese, 1/3 “Pinzgauer” beer cheese, 1/3 mountain cheese) and chopped parsley. Shape the loaf (diameter about 5 cm), fry it in hot clarified butter and let it steep in the bouillon for about 10 minutes. Let the “Kaspressknöderl” cool down, cut it into small cubes, put it with plenty of chive in a small glass and cover with the bouillon. Slice the Grilly Herbs-Fed Suckling Piglets Ham Boneless into thin layers and put it in a wavy way on wooden skewers. Garnish with a chive flower.

Products used: Herbs-Fed Suckling Piglet Ham