Leopold-Hofinger Award

The innovation prize in agriculture of the state of Upper Austria
Every two years, the Leopold-Hofinger Prize, an agricultural innovation award, is awarded. Farms with outstanding ideas and innovations are distinguished. They should be role models and encouragement for agriculture. Winner was under 65 submissions the GRILLY Kräuterferkel of Franz-Josef and Brigitte Grillmair from Sipbachzell.

Franz-Josef and Brigitte Grillmair demonstrate with their Grilly Kräuterferkel how an innovative niche, entrepreneurial courage and uncompromising quality philosophy can position internationally in top gastronomy. The top chefs value the 100% Austrian guarantee of origin and the continuous product safety from field to fork. Every year 5000 Kräuterferkel are processed to over 40 products. The export rate is already 50% in 13 countries.

An innovative farmer from Sipbachzell conquers the European top restaurants.