Anuga “TASTE15”

We are pleased to inform you that we, Grilly Kräuterferkel, have been awarded the Innovation Award “TASTE15”, for Kräuterferkel Rauchfleisch, at the world’s largest food fair, the ANUGA in Cologne. As an agricultural producer, we are very proud that after 2005 we were honoured this international award for the second time.

The Kräuterferkel Rauchfleisch is processed from the leg of Kräuterferkel. Dry cured, without nitrite, only with natural sea salt, refined with organic spices and smoked in small batches cold over beech wood. The Kräuterferkel are a crossbreeding of the quality breeds Edelschwein x Landschwein, are born, fed, slaughtered and processed in Austria, strictly speaking in Upper Austria.
As an agricultural producer, we are engaged in the production of Kräuterferkel, a niche in which we want to position our products as high-quality, regional and, above all, comprehensible.