Ravioli from Ham of the Leg

Ingredients for two servings:: 100 g cubed Grilly Ham of the Leg, 50 g Gervais, pasta dough, herbal salt, pepper, parsley julienne, egg, 4 tomatoes, herbal oil, salt, powdered sugar and cream spinach

Preparation: Mix the Ham with the remaining ingredients and season it to taste. Fill the pasta dough with it, cut it out and cook it 3 minutes in the vegetable stock.

Tomato Confit: Blanch the tomatoes, rinse with cold water, remove skin, quarter, deseed and marinade the fillets with salt, powdered sugar and herbal oil. Dry at 75 degrees. Cut into small cubes.

Presentation: Accurately arrange the ravioli with creamed spinach, tomato confit and with Grilly Ham of the leg.

Products used: Sucking Piglet Ham of the Leg