Ingredients: 200 g of Herbs-Fed Suckling Piglets Ham, 2 boiled potatoes, 4 tablespoons vinegar, 4 tablespoons of corn oil,
a little water, 1 tablespoon cream, salt, pepper, 8 cherry tomatoes, lamb's lettuce, some pumpkin seed oil

Preparation: Finely slice the Herbs-Fed Suckling Piglets Ham, place it on a plate and put lamb's lettuce on it. Then spread the potatoes dressing evenly and cover it with pumpkin seed oil as well as cherry tomatoes. If necessary sprinkle some freshly grated horseradish over it.

Potato-dressing:  potatoes, vinegar, oil, water

Preparation potato dressing: Mix everything in the blender and season to taste with cream, salt and pepper.

Products used: Herbs-Fed Suckling Piglet Ham